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Suite 3-300
1830 E. Monument St


  Open 8:30am-5pm M-F


What Our Department Offers

Computer Support:
   We do complete support of PC and Mac computers and network support for Linux based systems.  We are an Apple Authorized Provider and can handle warranty claims and get next day parts.  There are no hourly rates but parts are billable.  We do software configuration, operating system install and data migration to new computers.  We sell external hard drives and will work to get automated backups going.  We do some crashed hard drive recovery but will send out the extreme cases. We assist with new computer recommendations and purchases when requested.
    We support a single home machine for faculty or administrators as the home office is often as important as the East Baltimore one.
Network Support:
   We are the proper entity to activate network jacks in all the Basic Science occupied buildings.  We help with static IP requests, static device connection and coordinating moving devices with static IPs as the destination network often is on a different IP subnet.  We work with folks with computer viruses that trigger the Hopkins firewall to block their connection to the internet, a way of informing them that something serious is wrong.  We help ensure devices are configured correctly for the location they are in. We help with DNS requests as well.
Printer Support:
  We setup network printers and do common repairs such as pickup rollers and fuser replacements.  We will coordinate an outside technician if it involves a formatter board replacement or major gear damage. 
Server and NAS support:
  For Windows, Mac and NAS servers under support, we provide initial setup, secure location, daily backups (not for NAS), account maintenance, gigabit Ethernet connection, hardware and software support.  All NAS devices are setup with disk redundancy at the minimum and striping for speed when possible.

Rafael picture
Rafael Reyes
IT Manager

Chris picture
Chris Winder
LAN Administrator

Mary picture
Mary Medinger
LAN Administrator RETIRED