Allison McNickle

Years at JHU: Fall 2000-2004

Major: Biology

Awards and Honors: a) Dean’s List Fall ’00, ’01, ‘02                                

                                      b) CRCA Scholar Athlete 2001

Years worked in Hubbard lab:

9/02 to 8/04 - part-time researcher
9/04 to 6/05 - full-time researcher

Techniques learned: Quantitative Western Blotting, SDS-PAGE Electrophoresis, Virus Infection

Project involved in: 

Quantitation of the PAR-aPKC complex proteins in Fao and WIF-B cells
CO-IP studies of Scribble and Lg12

E-mail address:

Future: Rush School of Medicine, Chicago, Illinois (8/05 to 6/09)