Arun Sharma

Years at JHU: 3.5 years (Class of 2003)

Major: Biology / History of Science

Awards and honors: a)  Provostís Undergraduate Research Award

                                     b)  Dean's List ('99 - '03)

                                    c)  Editor-in-Chief of Hopkins Undergraduate Research Journal

Years worked in Hubbard lab: Fall 2000 - Spring 2003

Techniques learned/used:  Light microscopic localization of polarity proteins in WIF-B cells, Confocal Microscopy, Purification of recombinant proteins from bacteria, western blotting and Tissue Culture.

Project involved in:  Characterization of Complex I Components (aPKC, PAR3, and PAR6) in Hepatic Polarity

E-mail address:

Future: University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, 2003-2007


Image by Arun Sharma

aPKC is found at the cell apex in early WIF -B cells ( A , A') and at the TJ and apical PM in mature WIF-B cells (B)

(A)WIF -B cells were fixed and stained with anti-aPKC (C-20) and anti-ZO-1( A and B). Images A and A' are focused at the cell apex of early WIF -B cells , arrow.(B) A merged stack of confocal images shows co-localization of aPKC (green) with ZO-1 (red) at the TJ , which forms a belt (arrow) around apical cysts. The apical PM is stained with anti-aPKC. Cytosolic staining is not visible.