The Goley Lab is part of the Department of Biological Chemistry at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, MD. We are a bacterial cell biology lab broadly interested in understanding how bacterial cells grow and divide with regularity and accuracy. We use cell biological, biochemical, genetic, and structural approaches to dissect cellular processes with the aim of understanding how they work in molecular detail. A detailed understanding of the fundamental mechanisms of bacterial growth is required to confront the growing crisis in antibacterial resistance. We get really excited about our research.

The Goley Lab recognizes that to do our best and most creative science, we need to include individuals with diverse perspectives, identities, and life experiences. We maintain a safe, inclusive, and equitable lab environment, and we respect and celebrate diversity in all its forms. Erin is committed to individualized and intentional mentoring for all lab members.

We respectfully acknowledge that Johns Hopkins University is located on unceded lands of the Piscataway and Susquehannock Peoples.

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Latest News
May 2024: Isaac's first, first-author paper on conservation of function of the division protein FzlA is pre-printed! Fun collaboration with the Brown Lab at Mizzou. Congrats Isaac et al! 📝🥳🧬
May 2024:
Erika presented her thesis seminar and graduated - congrats Erika!! Fortunately we get to keep her a few more months before heading to the NIH for her postdoc. 👩‍🎓
May 2024:
Jordan's paper on the role of GTP hydrolysis by FtsZ was published in MBoC!! Yay Jordan! 📝🥳🦠
Apr 2024
: Erika won the Mette Strand Research Award at Young Investigator's Day! Well-deserved!!! 🏆
Apr 2024
: Erika's review on CarD-CdnL proteins was published in Mol Micro!! On a roll! 📝🧬🥳
Apr 2024
: Erika's paper was published in PNAS Nexus!! Congrats Erika! 📝🧬🥳
Dec 2023:
Erika's first first-author paper is now out as a pre-print on bioRxiv. Learn all you wanted to know about CdnL's regulation and role in the stringent response in Caulobacter! Congrats Erika! 📝
Nov 2023:
Chris's paper on coordination of constriction activation with chromosome segregation during division was published in JCB! Congrats Chris, Isaac, Jordan, and our collaborators in the Xiao lab! 🥳🧬📝
Aug 2023:
Allison's pre-print describing the essential function of OpgH in Caulobacter morphogenesis is out now. Check it out here. 📝
Aug 2023
: Erika gave an awesome talk at the Phages meeting in Madison, WI. We're so proud of you Erika! 👏🏻
Aug 2023: Erin was named a fellow of the American Society for Cell Biology. 🥳
July 2023
: Wanda gave a beautiful talk at the ASR meeting in Snowbird, UT. Great job Wanda!! 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻
June 2023
: Jordan GRADUATED! Congrats Dr Barrows - best of luck at Scripps! We'll miss you. 👨‍🎓

Selected Recent Publications
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Integration of cell wall synthesis and chromosome segregation during cell division in Caulobacter. (2024) JCB.
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EstG is a novel esterase required for cell envelope integrity in Caulobacter (2023) Curr Biol.

The conserved transcriptional regulator CdnL is required for metabolic homeostasis and morphogenesis in Caulobacter (2020) PLOS Genetics
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Quantitative analysis of morphogenesis and growth dynamics in an obligate intracellular pathogen (2023) MBoC.