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Erin Goley, PhD
AKA: Boss
Associate Professor of Biological Chemistry
North Kingstown, RI
Hood College, 1998; PhD, UC-Berkeley, 2006; Postdoc, Stanford University
Research interests: Bacterial growth, division, organization, development, signaling, and diversity! I want to understand the complex mechanisms underlying growth of these “simple” organisms.
Bacterial patronus
: Rhodomicrobium vannielii
Fave Bmore venues
: Fork&Wrench, KoCo, the water taxis, First Thursdays
Twitter: @goleylab
Google Scholar
JCB Profile of Erin
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Selam Woldemeskel

: Swarms
BC Graduate Student
: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Saint Francis University, 2013
Research interests: Bacterial cell biology, microbiome, antibiotic resistance
Bacterial patronus: Lactobacillus and all the other good bacteria that allow us to live healthy and happy lives
Twitter: @swarmisms
Google Scholar
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PJ Lariviere

: PjlA
BCMB Graduate Student
: Chicago, IL
Bowdoin College, 2013
Research interests: I’m broadly interested in understanding how bacteria divide. More specifically, I’m interested in how the bacterial cytoskeleton and the cell wall act together during the division process.
Bacterial patronus: Asticcacaulis biprosthecum, because two stalks are better than one
Fave Bmore venue: Clark Burger
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Chris Mahone

: Chriscentus
BC Graduate Student
Hometown: Dundalk, MD
BA, Hood College, 2013
Research interests: protein biochemistry, peptidoglycan synthesis, constriction during cell division
Bacterial patronus: Lactobacillus delbrückii
Fave Bmore venue: North Point State Park
Twitter: @itschrismahone
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Allison Daitch

: Allobacter
BCMB Graduate Student
Hometown: Silver Spring, MD
BS, University of Maryland, College Park, 2016
Research interests: (p)ppGpp, stringent response, bacterial cell wall, cell division, cell cycle, chromosome segregation, antibiotic resistance and persistence
Bacterial patronus: Borrelia burgdorferi
Fave Bmore venue: Boathouse, Canton
Twitter: @allisondaitch
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Jordan Barrows

BCMB Graduate Student
Hometown: Helena, MT
BS, University of Arizona, 2017
Research interests: Regulation of bacterial cell wall synthesis, protein structure and biochemistry, antibiotic mechanisms and resistance
Bacterial patronus: Mycobacterium smegmatis
Fave Bmore venues: Joseph Myerhoff Symphony Hall, Patterson Park, Mayuree Thai, Walt’s Inn Karaoke
Google Scholar
Former members
Brandon King, SARE Scholar, Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, 2018
Olivia Robinson, Summer High School Researcher, 2018
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Kousik Sundararajan, PhD

BCMB Graduate Student 2012-2018
Current Position: Postdoc with Aaron Straight, Stanford University
Claudia Carcamo, BCMB rotation student, 2018
Billy Mills, BC rotation student, 2018
Grace Ayole,
SARE Scholar, Seed School of Maryland, 2017
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Anant Bhargava, undergraduate researcher, 2016-2017, JHU class of 2018
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Liz Meier, PhD

: LzlC
BCMB Graduate Student 2011-2017
Current position:
Postdoc at Achaogen
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Jasmine Burrell, SARE Scholar, Green Street Academy, 2017
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Josh McCausland, BCMB Rotation Student, 2017
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Amit Mehrotra, Undergraduate Summer Researcher, University of Buffalo-SUNY, 2016
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James Valderamma, Undergraduate Researcher, JHU, 2015-2016
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Samantha Casimir, Undergraduate Summer Researcher, Rutgers University, 2015
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Brianna Ramirez, Undergraduate Summer Researcher, U Texas-El Paso, 2014
Josh Kassner, Undergraduate Researcher, JHU, 2013-2014
Eric Schiffhauer, BCMB Rotation Student, 2014
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Alex Hessel, Research technician, 2011-2013
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Maddie Sansbury, High School Summer Researcher, South Carolina Governor's School for Science and Mathematics, 2013
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Cailyn Mather, Undergraduate Summer Researcher, Rhode Island College, 2013

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Zach Margulies, Undergraduate Summer Researcher, U Maryland Baltimore County, 2013

Zhuwei Xu, BCMB Rotation Student, 2013
Phil Cox, BCMB Rotation Student, 2012
Lydia Hellwig, Undergraduate Researcher, JHU, 2011-2012