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June 2018, Jordan created a lab logo for us!

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Fun times at Skateland and Canton Waterfront Park for Kousik’s send-off! May 2018
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Congratulations to Dr. Sundararajan on an excellent thesis seminar! May 2018
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Goley Lab cleaned up nice for PJ’s wedding! April 2018

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Grace did a great job presenting her poster, both at the CARES Symposium and SARE poster day. Well done, Grace, and great mentoring, Kousik. July-August 2017.
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Adventure for Liz’s going away! Hiking Maryland Heights then Big Cork Vineyards. July 2017

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Lab Hike! November, 2016
Back row (L-R): PJ, Anant, Kousik, Allison
Front: Erin, Beck, Selam, Liz

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Jasmine and Amit did a stellar job presenting their work on different aspects of polar development in Caulobacter at the CARES Symposium. Awesome job, Amit and Jasmine! July 2016
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Sam presented a poster on her summer research with Kousik at the CARES Symposium. Great work, Sam! July 2015.
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PJ and Selam passed their oral exams! Pop that bubbly!
December 2014.
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Kousik received his official Hopkins School of Medicine PhD Candidate Lab Coat!
September 2014.

Congratulations, Kousik!
Now go get it dirty!
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Brianna presented a poster on her research with Liz this summer at the Hopkins Career Academic and Research Experiences for Students (CARES) Summer Symposium. Awesome job, Brianna!
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Going away party for Alex, August 2013
Front (L-R): Kousik, Liz, Beck, Cailyn
Back (L-R): Zach, Erin, Alex, Selam

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Goley Lab, July 2013
Front (L-R): Alex, Liz, Kousik, Zach
Back (L-R): Erin, Beck, Maddie
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Our 1000th Caulobacter strain was entered into the collection on Nov 27, 2012! We popped some cava and Alex made a cake to celebrate!
(L-R : Alex, Erin, Liz, and Phil)
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In October 2012, our friends Mark and Tom in the Margolis Lab starred in the BCMB second year skit as part of the 2012 BCMB retreat. Liz and Erin had supporting roles in this interesting take on graduate education at Hopkins.